The No-Till Market Garden Podcast

…is the cornerstone of No-Till Growers. It exists because we, farmers ourselves, were searching for something to dig deep into not just different farming models, but farming models that prioritize living soil and function on all three axis of sustainability: ecologically, as well as economically and emotionally. The information is out there, just in bits and pieces, scattered across unassuming farms and hidden in books and cultures, both new and old.

Here’s the thing: there is no one model. No-till isn’t copy/paste. It is a call and response, a dialog or conversation, between the farmer and the farm. In talking to farmers across the country, we’ve learned no-till is as varied as there are farms implementing it. It’s our job to root out the best no-till information we can get our dirty hands (presumably from all the compost) on and bring it to you in the most accessible format we can imagine: a podcast—something to take with you into the field (literally and figuratively), listen to on the way to/from market, or enjoy over a beer after your work is done for the day. For every episode of season one, just scroll down below the guest recommendation form.

We interview no-till growers who are growing commercially (i.e. making a living) and are willing to share their knowledge, their systems, and their experiences. There are several ways to engage with and contribute to the podcast and the movement: from joining the conversation in our Growers Community, to becoming a Patreon or sponsor. If you have any guest recommendations, we’d love to know who you want to hear from, too!


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The No-Till Market Garden Podcast, Season Two

The No-Till Market Garden Podcast, Season One